Tracing the Evolution of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

CS:GO, a multiplayer first-person shooter, was launched in 2012, but its history dates back much further.

The Counter-Strike series began in 1999 as a Half-Life mod created by students Jess Klineer and Ming Lee. Its immediate popularity caught the attention of Valve Corporation, which acquired the rights and added it to its game lineup.

As Counter-Strike became popular, Valve updated the game with a new version. Development started in 2010, and it soon became apparent that it would be a fully-fledged, innovative release rather than a simple update.

While preserving the original game’s core concepts, Valve introduced numerous new features and enhancements. One significant improvement was the addition of modern 3D graphics, elevating the game’s visual appeal.

CS:GO’s creation proved to be a massive success for Valve. The game remains highly popular today, consistently breaking its Steam concurrent player records.

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